domenica 27 maggio 2012

Written On The Body

Ink drops over my naked shoulders
A trickle of black spit feeding my pores
I feel your words taking shape on my skin
With the round, liquid perfection of vowels
Next to the martial, biting nip of dentals
Ploughing the unknown field of my back

You write on me
Using the canvas of my flesh
And giving form to your thoughts
Making them real
Like words of knowledge
That will never heal

Leave your mark, now
Tangible proof of your existence
Gift of love from the brush
Sinuous souvenir of your touch
Making my body worth
The swift passage of your fingers

The act is done
I catch a glimpse of your satisfied face
Covered with beads of sweat
And I can feel the distance
Now that I am nothing but
The materialization of a dream

Standing by the wall
A bare tree in this empty room
Dry ice all around me
I am waiting for the shooting
That will make me eternal
Like the passing of our seasons

Now, don't look through your lens
Because you won't find me there
The real me is not a shape in a box
An illusory portrait on paper
The foggy reflection of a living creature
Frozen in time and space, for your pleasure

Don't even try to look for me
For I am not there with you
In the solitary womb of the dark room
In the poisonous fumes of your acids
That picture will always be for you
The fading memory of a deceptive truth

Kate - photo: John Carder Bush

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